Friday, January 14, 2011

His Girl Friday

This morning was wonderful. The kids have been crabby all week. You'd think with a week of snow days we'd be a little more joyful. But they have not been. Finally this morning, they slept until they woke up (which was on time!!) then all four of us snuggled in the big bed until it was time to get ready for our day.

I am eternally grateful for mornings like this. Happy kids: no teeth-brushing-negotiations, no snow-boot-wearing-negotiations and no coat-and-hat-negotiations.... ahhh wonderful.

Thank you for your reception to Revisiting Sanctuaries. All your words, calls and emails-- I am excited too! More information out next week. Plus a little look into the heart of it.

Here are a few things around the web that have been keeping me going this week.

This scene of Yosemite, I miss this place-- being thousands of miles away. 

I'm loving my free Owl Lover Calendar. You could make one too! 

This Recycled Canvas Bag from etsy. 

This week I made laundry soap and I'm reminded why I love this so much. Cheap and cleans our clothes so well! I'm not trying to jinx it but, we have had the laundry caught up for three weeks. That's the longest it's been caught up in our marriage. And something about a clean laundry room is more motivation to keep it cleaned up!

Eric made Chicken Stir-Fry with Soba Noodles last night. It is such an easy week night meal!

This perfect latte. Some wonderful looking eggs.

And this book. Which I'm devouring.

What have you been admiring? Give me some link-love for today!

Photo from Country Living via here

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