Monday, October 25, 2010

And It Rained Art and Poetry

It rained here this weekend; torrential rainstorm.

I can't say I minded. It made everything beautiful. The trees, the fields, the streets, the windows...

Saturday night Eric, my friend Emily and I literally RAN to the coffee shop, less than a block away and were soaked to our skivvies by the time we got there. I threw my orange raincoat over my head and had to abandon my sandals half way-- I thought I was going to fall they were so slippery.

We we did not just make a coffee run, this time. We attended one of the monthly poetry slams. Have you ever been to a Slam? Poets, authors and storytellers come together to compete for in this case, a old gold lamp (and all the glory it holds). But the amazing words that were flying. Art performed.

It rained down words, laughter and deep thoughts.

I love rainy weekends.

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