Friday, January 29, 2010

What's in store for the weekend...

The back door, where we leave and where we enter each day.
And there is something about a weekend that makes me really grateful for this place. On the docket for this weekend.
Soup making this evening, some Skype love. (Not meant to be dirty, David... Just getting to talk to you, Miss Rebekah and Noah was love!)
Live art, happening. Arts Live Eco Art Project-- part of the winter games up at Okoboji. Plus, my beloved Emily. Hot cocoa. Mexican Food. Yes, please.

Finishing up an article.

Inspired Bread
baking (it didn't get done last weekend... we need good bread!)

Cleaning out of playroom closet (it's in dire need of purging).

I need to visit this place (fiber in a Victorian house!), but not with scary winter driving involved.  

Mostly just knitting and staying warm... and lovin' on the little people.
What are you up to?

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