Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Emily Sweet Photography

Do you have a creative muse in your life? A friend you can go to and the energy and creativity just flow? I am so lucky to have a creative community-- a few women and men that really inspire.

Emily Sweet is one of those women, when riding in the car with our husbands, we start talking design lingo as they've labeled it and leave them in the dust. It is so wonderful to bouce photoshoppy ideas off of her!

We've known each other since Art History in college we've seen each other grow artistically through the years. I was ecstatic when she started taking pictures of not just weddings but of families too! So I’ll leave you with just a few images. People, these images have not been edited. These are straight off her camera. O my.

If you want to see more you can look here on flickr. This is only a sampling of the pictorial goodness (I haven't gotten through a quarter of the images). Be sure you’ll be seeing more over the next few days. 


If you live in the Orange City-Sheldon-Sanborn-Hartley area and want Emily Sweet to photograph your family visit her on her blog.

*Emily has moved. You can follow her adventure on her blog.thisisveryimportant.blogspot.com


Heather said...

These are gorgeous photos. How wonderful to have a friend to create such amazing memories.

Tammy said...

What sweet sweet pictures!!! And a great fun bonding experience I'm sure. I love you guys!

emily said...

i feel like my friends are all more creative than i am :)
what a great job emily sweet did on these photos. you guys look great!

Anonymous said...

You all look gorgeous and happy. Great settings, too, for the photos. Your friend has wonderful talents!

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