Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Takes A Village... of Women

Oblige me for a few more minutes of family picture love, will you?

I have gotten a couple emails asking some questions about the photo shoot and preparation so I thought I'd write up the process.

First off, I totally ripped off the color scheme from the amazing, Design Mom's PhotoShoot. I picked out two to three outfits for each of us. Then I had my wonderfully fashon saavy friend Kim help me edit and she picked a lot of what we have on. And she let me borrow the headband-- which I think made Izzo's outfit. Don't you?

Emily Sweet and I had a couple places picked out to go. I wanted some farmland-autumn looking and  some structural. I think Emily captured both so well!


I did get an email asking where the kids clothes were from.

God honest truth, another friend, Wendy thrifted about 80% of Izzo's outfit. The dress and shoes are thrifted, her tights are from We Love Colors. The headband is borrowed, but you can find similar ones (and great bows) made by Andrea at the Pinkadink. See told you, I surround myself with creative women!

Truman's shirt and jeans are American Living for JCPenny. Bought over a year ago. Shoes are rubber gardening shoes, also thrifted by Wendy. I did not want him to wear these, but I lost the battle. (:
And they turned out just fine!

Can I just say that I'm so happy we've been married for almost five years, and we're still happy as can be?

If you want to see more, click here.

PS. I'm on Tumblr now, are you?


emily said...

the sunset one is breathtaking!!!

Heather said...

These are such gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing the process

Shokoofeh said...

I love your family photos! SO beautiful!!! :)


candifer said...

i love love love the one of the two kiddos -- how adorable!!!

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