Friday, January 15, 2010

What's in store for the weekend...

My hopes for the weekend...

::: Rest and snuggle -- lots and lots! More to come...
::: A trip to the library-- we didn't make it today. But perhaps a trip to the bookstore tomorrow!
::: Homemade Bread
::: Take a walk in the weather
::: Clean my room--Done!
::: Read books with the little ones--Done!
::: Finish up knitting a cowl-Done!
::: Snow play-- AND water play!
::: Plan Meals--- and cook ahead for the freezer
::: Make these, they remind me of my grandma
::: Call my sisters-- I talked to all of them on Friday night (: 
::: Write some notes-Done!
::: Eric's homemade lattes and morning slowness-- Latte's check! Change of plans and morning with my girlfriends! Perfect.

What is on your list this weekend?

*if you are in google reader a new header is up...


Tracy (Amuse-bouche for Two) said...

I like your list. I'm planning on baking baguettes. Just thinking about the dough rising on the front windowsill in full sun makes me happy.

ourlittlelovenest said...

ooooh...I love that weekend list. Wishing you loads of warmth, coziness and fun! xoxo

emily said...

what a great weekend. i too need snuggle time and i need to call my sisters.

samourai girl said...

Another beautiful picture..; I vote for a trip in a library too ;)

Have a nice week-end !

jane said...

good luck... all i want to do is sleep... ;)

Elizabeth said...

Your header is amazing. I'm super jealous of it :)

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