Thursday, January 14, 2010

O What a Chocolaty Morning

I am totally inspired by chocolate this morning. 

Orangette and BreadandHoney had some lovely chocolate posts— chocolate mousse— o my. How Audrey-Hepburn-sitting-in-a-french-café-wearing-a-striped-t-shirt does that sound? 
And I totally forgot to share a winter weather must make recipe.

Over the Holiday Season, I got together with my co-worker Megan, and we made Hot Chocolate Mix. It is good good. Smooth and not too sweet. I tried it first at Kim’s house and used Katie’s recipe but tweaked it based on what I had in the house.

If I said I didn’t drink 1+ cups every day for three weeks, I’d be lying. It’s that good. Isabel, the hot chocolate connoisseur, gave it the foamy upper lip of approval. And that’s saying a lot.

It isn’t as thick and gooey (fake) as the packets.... Good thing! It is the perfect balance of warm, creamy and chocolate.

We kept a air-pot thermos of hot water and a box of cocoa mix on my desk— while it’s still cold and snowy you can do this in your office (home) too! More people will come and visit you...
Dry Hot Chocolate Mix
1 box of non-fat dry milk
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup of nesquick
1 cup powdered sugar (add up to 1/2 a cup more or less to taste)
1 tbsp corn starch (If you want to steer clear of the stuff, it doesn’t affect taste just thickness)

Mix well. Use 1/3 cup per 8 ounces of water.

Mix in ideas:

A few chocolate chips for some chocolaty oomph!
A candy cane— you know you still have some from Christmas... If you’re in to mint.
1 tsp of instant coffee or instant espresso powder— mocha anyone??
These homemade marshmallows. O yes please. 
What is your favorite warm drink in the winter OR what is your favorite mix in for hot chocolate?
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emily said...

i love the audrey imagery :)
and yes, i will totally have to try this recipe asap!!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Totally inspired !!! Miam miam !!!

Elizabeth said...

I've got to have mini marshmallows in least 30 or 40 :)

Emily Anne said...

So cute! I love your blog a lot. :)

Much love- Xoxo,
Emily Anne @ The White Way of Delight

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