Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All quiet on the home front.

We were on our way home yesterday afternoon and Izzo says. "I want to drive straight home. Get on the couch with my pink blanket and snuggle you, Mama." If there were any more precious words, I don't think I've heard them.

We didn't snuggle right away, but our home--with all the busyness-- feels like a place to come rest in.

I don't know if that makes sense. But I felt it last night. During dinner preparations, the kids occupied their time with window markers on our big front window. Giggling. Truman made Eric draw T's all over the window. Singing almost a song of "And uh nother T, and uh nother T..."

Then there was supper-- o my... which was amazing--left over mashed potatoes make the best shepherds pie. Our pie was not just the sloppy stew covered over with a glop of mashed potatoes but, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, garlic and onions and this wonderful tenderloin. Cooked extra hot in the oven to make just the top of the potatoes crispy. You know you've hit a great meal when there is no negotiating bites at dinner. Just eating!

About 10 minutes before bath time that was unoccupied by tasks. I picked up my knitting, Isabel was painting, Truman was fixing 'sum-ting' with his Handy Manny tools and Eric was chilled out. All in different rooms. What a difference 10 quiet minutes can make in an evening.

The kids giggled through bath time and then we snuggled on the couch for book reading and praying time. I read some new library books to Izzo, while Truman sang out the title words of Leslie Patricelli's book, Higher, Higher! (at the top of his lungs).

This night filled me up to the brim. As if we were in a whole evening of snuggling-- not just a few minutes during book time.

What has filled you up lately?


emily said...

wow. i bet that just melts your heart. how adorable.

Elizabeth said...

You've really got a home there...not just a house. So sweet :)

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet. can't wait to have a kiddo of my own to snuggle with! :)
i've been gone for a while and don't know how long you've had that new banner... but i LOVE it!
have a great day!

SweetSpotSweetie said...

I love your evening! That sounds so peaceful!

Anonymous said...

my friends are such good parents. it makes me so proud.

jane said...

hi! thanks for visiting. i´ll add your link to cv. welcome! hugs-jane

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