Monday, January 4, 2010

Should We Start With Solstice?

Hello Dear Friends,
This holiday season, was a different one... all joy and pain, sickness and health, snow and sunshine, beauty in all forms. We had a wonderful time, getting to be home in California longer than expected, due to some extenuating circumstances. We were just glad to BE. Home to love and hug, to drop off and pick up, to bake cakes and wash dishes. It's all in the little things isn't it?

I think I jump right in to telling you about our holiday season: Solstice, Christmas, New Years- Like I said, it wasn't as expected... but, isn't it just like December to change plans on you at less-than-a-moment's notice?

Our Solstice evening was amazing and cozy, the calm before the big winter storm. Amazing in the way that two women I love very much (and their equally lovely husbands) were able to share a holiday dinner with us. The meal consisted of roast chicken, herb roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, cranberry pomegranate relish with ruby red grape fruit, red bean casserole and fresh baked corn bread. An apple crisp, few bottles of sparkling cider and wine topped off the night.

We laughed, had some great discussions and my kids got naked (see Truman with inside out pants on?). They do find every opportunity to get undressed when we have company over. Why is that?

Here are a few photos....

*If marked, the photos are taken by Emily Sweet (middle in the picture of three) the unmarked photos were taken by Larissa Poppen (left in the picture of the three of us).


Heather said...

It is so good to have you back! This looks like an amazing evening, and so glad that you brought winter with special friends.
Happy New Year

emily said...

wow. it looks like a wonderful time. how fun to be in california!!!

Kerry said...

What a fun evening! You all look so beautiful and happy.

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