Monday, November 16, 2009

This Weekend...

This prayer found it’s way into my inbox today from Sojourners and very much sums up the weekend.

“May this weekend be one of rest and recentering, refreshment and rejuvenation, and most importantly, refocusing on you. Give me eyes to see where you are leading, ears to hear what you are saying, and a heart that follows wherever you may go. Amen.”
This weekend, was as planned (and hoped for) a refreshing time with friends. These women that circle around me (and I around them)--even though some live thousands of miles away. We are so connected spiritually, holistically, mentally. I dare not share as much as I'd like, as not to not overstate or over talk the weekend.

It felt perfectly placed and divinely ordained. Armed with massive amounts of regional coffee, some reading materials and a deep desire to know each other better, we set out for the weekend. It felt as though we met daily to discuss our lives-- not just yearly.

Most of the time we spent around tables or in cozy living rooms. Some of the male counterparts asked what we did during our time together. They play basketball, take a run or play video games in their downtime as friends. What did we do? We talked, we laughed, we cried, we reminisced, we spurred each other's life goals on and commended their place in life now. It was so refocusing.

It was a holiday weekend— the conversation around the table was as nourishing as the food we cooked and ate together, o my. And the food was delicious.

For the first part of this week, I'll give you a little glimpse into our beautiful weekend.

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emily said...

food, friends and family are the best combination of things. i'm really glad you had a great time. i look forward to some of my own gathering and eating and loving next week...
thanks for this.

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