Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Regional Coffee and Pumpkin Pancakes.

When kids woke up on Saturday morning, all they could think about was their NaNa (my twin sister). Missy lived with us when Isabel was learning to talk. She was just as excited to see them! And we were all up early together. I made a big pot of coffee and started in on the pumpkin pancakes while Missy and the kids watched UP! Have you seen that movie? Geez I bawled in the first few minutes.

About 9:00 finally sat at the table to share a meal together and coffee. I don’t think it’s possible to get together with these women and really enjoy each other without coffee. Even Isabel got into the coffee spirit. She came waltzed into the kitchen with a vintage peacock blue coffee mug (from the playroom) containing her sippy of warm milk. She sat at the table with us, laughing, conversing and drinking her milk. Later she came back with paints and paper. She really wanted to be a big girl, and enjoy the other girls!

We planned to bring a limited edition or regional coffee to drink together, but all so to portion out for a momento. 

Our chosen blends:
CO-OP Nicaraguan
Burgie’s Seasonal Snowball and Decaf Snowball (If you are ever in Ames, Iowa you MUST visit Burgie’s).
Starbucks From Africa to Africa 
Starbucks Thanksgiving 2009 

We still have 15 pie pumpkins in the basement, so this rather large batch of pumpkin pancakes is the perfect solution. But you can use canned pumpkin too. These pancakes tasted like pumpkin pie for breakfast. O my.

Pumpkin Pancakes
3 cup unbleached flour
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp ground cinnamon
3 tsp baking powder
3 cup pumpkin puree
3 eggs
3 tbsp Honey (or Brown Sugar)
3 cup Milk
Mix all ingredients in a mixer with the wisk attachment for about a minute or two. Until its well mixed, with not many lumps.
    Spoon with a 1/4 cup measure. Into a non-stick skillet over medium heat coated with cooking spray. Cook about 2 minutes per side (less if needed). These are gooier than other pancakes, and will turn browner then usual pancakes, but that’s not a bad thing. And they will bubble like pancakes just not as much.
    Serve with butter and maple syrup. Or with brown sugar and sour cream as a topping. Makes about 4 dozen.  


Elder Family said...

who all gathered around your lovely table to enjoy pancakes and coffe?!?! it is so wonderful to read your blog, it means a lot to stay connected to you in whatever way I can! hope to see you at christmas

Missy said...

You forgot to add that our breakfast lasted 4 hours and we made at least 3 pots of snowball :)

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