Friday, November 13, 2009

Show and Share

Once in a while I just feel the absolute need to tell you about all the things I’ve been reading/thinking about lately. These little bits are from around the web in the last week or so.

How rhythm works in your house via Kyrie and Bluebirdbaby.

Emily’s because she left her umbrella on the train. Eric and I had a long talk about this one... 

Totally obsessed with this.

Thinking about baking these ooh and making these too .

Have you seen these blankets? Yes please.



emily said...

thanks for the shout out... i kind of hoped my post would really get people thinking. it's important to remember what... is important :)

have a good weekend, lady.

Lynn said...

I love reading your writings!!!! Glad to hear you're feeling better!!!

Our family's need to get together sometime----soon! This is rediculous, we live right next door and NEVER see eachother!!!!

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