Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Make: Apples

Good Monday friends,

I didn't quite believe my eyes when I got out of bed and saw the blanket of snow over our backyard. Some years,  we've had snow as early as Sept. 30th.  Flakes are falling for a second time this week and it leaves me hoping for more autumn weather. Though it was so beautful outside, maybe I can stand it for today!

This weather does call for some warm and cozy, tummy filling recipes. And seeing that we have tubs full of apples briming all over the kitchen, and lots of great recipes were left in comments and some posts stumbled into my google reader last week, I thought I'd compile a list and share my apple-musings. I picked ones that fell out of the normal apple sauce, apple syrup... we have jars and jars of those right now. If you have any more recipes, add them to the comments, we'd all love some more recipes to peruse.

Becca from A Lonely Pea-- Sent over Apple Bubble Soda

Wendy shared her favorite Apple Crisp Recipe from the Contessa herself.

Heather from  Shivaya Naturals gave this awesome quick recipe:
We love apple turnovers with puff pastry. We just cook cubed apples until soft with honey and spices, and then take 5x5" or larger squares of puff pastry and add the filling. Close into a triangle, brush with egg yolk, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and bake at 350 until golden brown.

Emily from techno anthro has a lovely little food blog where she made Apple Streusel Pie!

Jodi suggested making, Super Amazing Crunchy Apple Pecan Pie (This isn't jodi's recipe but one I found online).

Molly at Orangette (via Kyrie) for Apple Pie Cake.

Erin from Bluebirdbaby made Baked Apple Pancake.

Chelsea from lady I swear by all flowers, maple sautee apples

Sowasabi apple dumplings delicious!

Perches wealth of ideas

(Image from


Heather said...

Oh, these all sound so amazing. I am heading to the Farmer's Market tomorrow, and I can not wait to try them :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Apples everywhere! I'm rather craving some apple.... anything! about now. :)

Have a lovely afternoon.

emily said...

snoww??? wow. i'm not ready for that yet.
thanks for the shout out :)

Anonymous said...

I love apples, farmer's markets and all that comes along this time of year. I don't know how I'd feel about having snow though... although there IS a frost advisory for our area tonight. It's crazy how fast the summer flew by!

Anonymous said...

i cringe at the thought of snow... i hate cold! i know it's necessary, but it makes me shrivel up. ugh. think warm thoughts... like warm apple recipes and apple cider. heehee.
i agree with emily... thanks for the shout out!
have a great week!

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