Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crafting, Cocoa and a Cold Afternoon

After a quiet morning of crafting and cocoa, the family took off towards Akron, for my dear friend Wendy's family farm auction. They have worked tirelessly for weeks getting ready.

The weather was forcasted to be rather nasty, but instead we just got a dusting of snow. Truman's been battling ear infections, and Isabel has been under the weather, and this was our first big outing as a family for the weekend.

It was chilly outside, but with a warm home to play in and with a sweet family to hang around with the kids, we took sometime to look at all the goods being auctioned. 

We found such gems to take home with us! 

This table, isn’t it so amazing. I’m going to clean, sand and paint it. I’m thinking it’ll still be white— any suggestions?

Isn’t this the sweetest cabinet you’ve ever seen? It’s filled with all sorts of nuts and bolts, a few hinges. Soon it’ll be in my workshop, just waiting for crafty things to fill it up. Though I am contemplating making part of our living room.

And finally, these barrels, Eric’s going to use them for planting. Potatoes? Flowers? Who knows, but they’ll be perfect!


Alicia M said...

OOOHHHH!! What awesome finds! Not going to lie...I'm a bit envious :o)
But you deserve it Mary! Congrats on your steals!

emily said...

i love finding, treasures. i esp love the dresser!
i hope the kiddies get feeling better. i am home sick today :(

Heather said...

Oh those are such amazing pieces. I have to agree with Alicia, just a tad bit jealous :)

Tracy said...

teal for the table! Oh how I miss Iowa farm auctions.

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