Thursday, July 9, 2009

Becoming Strawberry Farmers?

On Tuesday, we visited Getting’s Garden in Sanborn, IA. It’s a gem in Northwest Iowa. Strawberries and raspberries, not imported from Mexico or trucked from Washington. But grown right here in our own back yard. It makes me happy.

This was our third attempt at visiting and we finally succeeded. The day was warm, and slightly overcast, we hopped on a tractor rigged with seats and a amusment-park-style seat belt bar and rode our way out to the fields to pick fresh strawberries.

Once we filled our basket, with much whining and tiredness (the children) we headed back to the tractor, stopped to snap a few pictures. The kiddos perked up under the shady tree, thank goodness.

My beautiful sister, Megan is here visiting us and we’re absolutely enjoying her. Its been wonderful to work next to her. Whether it’s laundry, dishes, picking strawberries, weeding the garden or walking the dog, it feels wonderful to do life with her.

We live so far away and have been on opposite schedules for years before I moved out— I’m kind of selfish, but I’m glad to have her all to myself (well I do have to share her with the fam) this week.

She’s funny and sweet, playful and serious, and just as excited about the zoo/park/puppy as the kids are. That makes me smile.

And above all love, love, loves us.

And we love, love, love her right back.

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Missy said...

Love you all! Mary, I've had your playlist on all day. I've never heard Over the Rhine before, love it! You have such good taste in music. Put some Shawn Colvin on there and you'd be all set.

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