Friday, July 10, 2009

Last's Weeks Adventure... just in time for the weekend.

So, I’m running a tad behind on posting as last weekend’s images are now finally getting posted.

We took a little vacation to Omaha to pick up my sister, and while we were there we went camping, visited the Omaha Farmer’s Market and the Henry Doorly Zoo. All of which were amazing.

If you want to see more (a tad out of order), you can visit my flickr photostream.

But here is just a taste...

The kids down wanting to be down by the water.

What we bought at the Farmer’s Market:

Asparagus-- these stocks graced some Birthday focaccia, Roast Beef and Swiss pannins.

Cauliflower-- Roasted, steamed, fresh and now, some's frozen. It is wonderful!

Pickling Cukes-- Haven't used these yet, I'm a little intimidated.

O the flowers! (Did not buy, but loved none the less!)

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week!


henny said...

happy weekend :)

Kate said...

Have you ever made mashed cauliflower? I make it like mashed potatoes, but it's so much healthier and tastes very similar. We love it.

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