Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suit-kini's and Rainboots

Bathing suit season is here. And to Isabel, that means her usual uniform. If you caught yesterday’s post, you would have seen this is now a recurring theme in our summers. Swim suit and rain boots— the perfect summer uniform. You are ready for getting wet by the sprinkler, but you can get your shoes as muddy as you please with out feeling and then yelling “MY FEET ARE DIRTY!” It’s funny that once the boots are on, she can get covered head to toe in mud, and not have a care in the world.

I love this girl. She thinks her two piece bikini is called a Suit-kini (but it sounds like more Zucchini). She must have gardening on the brain too!

And her tag-a-long little Brother. He has the same fascination with watering that she had last year.

In this last shot you’ll see why she needed those boots. This is about how big our garden is, we weeded and watered this weekend. There were more weeds than growing plants, but isn’t that just how it goes? Potatoes and onions are looking real good and so are the tomatoes. I’m excited for all the fresh food that comes along with the garden. But you will not catch me weeding in my Suit-kini.

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