Friday, May 29, 2009

DinnerTime, Again. How to join in!

Want to join DinnerTime, Again?

These are some things we’re looking for:
A photo of the dish if possible, if not send one of you (and your kids and dog..... You’re garden....) cooking or whatnot. If not possible, no worries.

A story or an intro of why you love cooking. Or how it’s changed now that you (have kids, moved to a different region, since whatever.....)

The recipe— with clear easy to follow directions. I would like these to be ORIGINAL or based on this recipe (give a link and the original author) but I did this totally different because....

A two or three sentence bio about yourself.

Email to theyellowdoorpaperie[at]gmail[dot]com

Let’s EAT!

1 comment:

henny said...

Let me think first what kind of dinner I'll send...:)

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