Friday, April 24, 2009

Sowing seedlings...

So the Earth Day crafts didn’t exactly come through. But I’m putting the idea in the back of my mind for a rainy day. We were too busy playing outside: at the park, on the swings in the backyard and two walks. We were outside until it was dark. What a great day!

Last night we had an impromptu planting party out at our friend’s farm. They have been gracious enough to collaborate with them on a larger scale garden than we got to have last year. With the amount of onions we planted last night we are going to put by more salsa than ever- hot salsa, green salsa, Rotelle style pico de gallo — o my! Has anyone made and froze mashed potatoes? I think we’re going to need to!

We’re even growing some really different varieties and plants this year. Quinoa, anyone? I’m so excited. It just came in the mail and I can’t wait to see how um... It grows. I have no clue how to harvest it, an exciting process. I think next year, we’ll try flax and then I’ll weave the fibers. (I feel a new hobby coming on...).

There is something about working together towards a common goal, out of doors-- a collective experience of digging, planting, watering: the dirt-under-your-fingernails, go-to-sleep-because-you-are-tired kind of experience is binding. These friends have been family to us since we all are so far away from our own blood relatives. I know that God had a hand in guiding us together as friend-family. The leading was so undeniable. And the love that binds us is providential.

I’ll put up some pictures of the garden, I forgot to bring my camera out last night. We even had Isabel out helping us, once she was sure she wouldn’t get eaten by the dog.

I hope you’re weekend is filled laughing children, pink- flowered wellies and mud from the garden and a collective experience of friends.

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