Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It’s raining and kind of dreary today, but I feel all sunny on the inside. Both kids woke up really happy this morning.

I was still in my jammies— striped sleep shirt, pink sweatshirt, brown socks... Gorgeous I assure you— when Izzo padded into the kitchen, “Good Morning Morning Mimi!” and planted three kisses, after the third she said. “Yep that one was right.” I wondered if the other two were not quite up to par? But when do I ever get three sweet kisses in a row so early in the morning?


Last night she said, “Mom, when I grow up can I be a boy?”
I asked, “What part about being a boy sounds the best to you?”
She sighed and then said. “Um, I think I want to be the red lighting-a-queen (Lightening McQueen from Disney’s Cars Movie) and then you could be the blue girl a-queen. We could live in the big cones and then um, Mom we could be together always...” O wow, do I love this girl.
I said “Ok, that sounds nice, what would we do with your Dad?”
“Um... He could come too, and Trube, we could all be like the cars. I just don’t want to marry Trube, and Dad is too tall.”

I’m sure she’ll find another scenario for us to play out soon. For example, the one last week when she was my mom and I was her mom. We've played this game before-- but it's been awhile....
She’d say, “Mom?!” and I’d reply, “Yes, Iz?”
She’d get all indignant like and spout back, “Mom, you’re supposed to call MEEEE Mom!” After about 10 minutes we were both thoroughly confused in our imaginative play. So she announced “I think I want to be Izzo kitty again.”

O good.

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Mariah said...

I think I'd take an Izzo kitty over the pair of rats that live at my house.

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