Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From the Library Bag: Goodies

Now that it’s nicer outside we stroll down to the library at least once a week, our nighttime reading has been very exciting lately. I've also been keeping the Library books in a cloth bag by the door for easy returns, we'll see how long that lasts. Trying to keep my fines to a minimum.

A wise man once told me that libraries should be revered like Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Cathedrals and Ashrams. So much knowledge, time and effort is contained in one place. It should be revered, a link to our past and future. Interesting thought, at the time I remember thinking that was crazy. But now I see how special libraries are-- the people who can't afford books, movies, DVDs, CDs (LIKE ME) can read a wealth of information.

A few books that we’re so glad we found:

My Little Red Umbrella

This little gem has wonderful illustrations and “Mom look there are kitties!”

Bonjour, Babar!
We bought the first Babar book at our local thrift shop for a dime, this book helps us continue the story. And, again I love the illustrations!

The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum

What a wonderful little, dream-like story that tackles some issues like loneliness and friendship. When Izzo realized she was lonely for friends, she asked, “Mom, can she come live with us?”-- so sweet.

The Little House

The story of the little house, the passage of time and how cities expanded over countryside. One of my new favorites.

Derek the Knitting Dinosaur
“Mom, he does the thing with the stick-knitting like YOU do!!” So cool.
We did come home with a few glossy Bob the Builder and Barney choices... Um, not what I was thinking in the way of books, but surprisingly these little classics above, won out for bedtime reading. Seems my children will take beautiful over commercial-based books too! Yay!

Any good books you’re reading/checking out? I’m always looking for more!

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BeebaBottoms said...

awesome! sounds like you and your kids are having some awesome reading nights!

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