Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

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I’m the kind of person who wishes away seasons. Or do I just anticipate the next season?
Winter: Is it spring yet, I can’t stand the cold! O and flowers!
Spring: When it’s just a little warmer, we can go to the pool.
Summer: It’s so hot, is it ever going to cool down? I’m ready for the leaves to change.
Fall: I wonder when the snow is coming... (not that I really want it, I just think away the fall)

Kind of crazy when you sit down and think about it. Always on the look out for the next thing. I do like preparing for the next season, however.

Yesterday, was a beautiful day. Doors flung wide open to let all the air in and through the winter-stuffy house. My house is also in dire need of spring cleaning. Izzo’s room got a great deep cleaning the other day. The closet needs to be tackled and the rugs and linens all need a good hang on the line.

O drying clothes in the sun! The best part about warmer weather!

This weekend was a wonderful one. Saturday, a day spent with my sweet girlfriends, shopping, talking, laughing, eating and movie watching. O and baby holding! Loved every minute! ---We even stopped to pick up a camera and then didn't take pictures.

Sunday the weather was clear and sunny, it feels lovely to take a nap with the shades open and a little person next to you. And to wake up to still nice weather and to go on a much needed walk.

A few links to what I’m keeping up on.
Incentive based teaching discussion on visity.

Earth and living’s viking shoes... I think I need to make myself a pair for the summer.

Have a happy day.

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leesha_rae said...

Living in NW Iowa, I tend to agree completely :)

However - someone once told me (and it really stuck with me) that if you wish the seasons away, it's like wishing your life away.

Enjoy today, because tomorrow comes so quickly! (I'm pretty sure as a mommy with a full-time job, you're already aware of this!)

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