Friday, February 20, 2009

Please and French Fry

We have two new, very soft and quite small yellow burst of joy at our house. These wonderful ‘chickies’ came just after a whole 2 hours spent with Dad errand running and grocery shopping. While at the post office they heard the cheep-cheeping sound that only means one thing... Spring is on it’s way!

Two New House Guests by you.

The crate had been sent to the post office, but not yet delivered to the hardware store in town. After work, the three came and picked me up and we went straight to visit the chicks. Just to see if they had made it out of the post office.

Isabel peered over the water trough filled with bedding, food water and a crop of little chickies, she whispered to them in a her sing-songy voice, “We’re going to take one of you home today...”

Truman just kept saying “Please!” and pointing at the chicks.

Their new names are Please and French Fry.

Two New House Guests by you.

So give a warm welcome to the two newest member of the backyard farm (which for them is corner of the basement farm).


Thimbleina said...

What lovely fluffy chicks, truly a sign of spring

wide open spaces said...

we want to get chickens too, but just keep putting it off. maybe we just need to jump...!

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