Thursday, February 19, 2009

Painting with Truman

P1012739, originally uploaded by TheYellowDoorPaperie.

Earlier this week Truman and I were together, just the two of us and it wasn’t nap time.

It was actually kind of strange, I didn’t know what activity he would enjoy other than “Buh-knee” (Barney.... Um... No). He likes cooking with me, but it wasn’t meal time or anywhere close. I also didn’t want to have a huge mess to clean up. We sing, play block and drive around his Tonka truck for about 90% of our at home time.

P1012737 by you.
“Truman, do you want to look in the craft closet.” This closet is usually semi-forbidden, due to the green marker stain from when he tried to make ‘grass’ with Isabel’s carpet.

His respose is an enthusiastic “YEAH.”

It used to be an affirmative uh-huh. But we’ve moved to bigger, better words. ‘Yeah’ is not one of my particular favorites, so I ask “You mean, ‘yes’?”
Truman’s Response: “YEAH”

P1012736 by you.

He made a bee-line for the smaller wooden door in the hallway and flung the door open. He found the very well used and loved Hello Kitty coloring book-- the staples are no longer holding the pages together, and it has coloring on every page. He’s not a picky man, so he just opened up to the ‘bunny page’ and went to town with the crayons and water colors we’d gathered on the way back to the kitchen.

In expected Truman fashion, he got himself so dirty that he needed a bath and a clothes change.

Bath time did give us some more constructive playtime!

P1012740 by you.

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