Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolution and a Cookbook Template

One of my resolutions is to be a better keeper of our family's history.

While I have some family members out here for an extended holiday vacation I thought we'd do a fun bonding activity and make a cookbook.

I put together a cover and inside pages with photoshop, printed out several pages (one for each member of the family). It has a place for an illustration and a recipe, those who don't want to draw can add another recipe or we could cut out magazines, clip art... for a more three dimensional page. I'll also suggest that they write where it came from or the story behind it.

I just want to have handwriting and thoughts of each person. I'll scan these pages into the computer and make a pdf for everyone to print off. Or maybe for next Christmas give the printed version as gifts.

I thought I'd give you an opportunity to make your family cookbook. The front page can be personalized and here is the inside page.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Let me know if you make a cookbook too!


Channon said...

You're my new best friend. You have no way of knowing that my grandmother died a couple of years ago and I just inherited her recipe box last weekend. I'm actually going to do a scrapbook and then have my BIL scan it and print a copy for each of the grands, the two greats, and my aunt and mother.

Thanks for giving me a great template!

henny said...

Hi, I'm Henny - one of Shelly's friend from Shelly's Hut. I need your help, maybe you know how's Shelly (I know your name several times pop in her blog) because I don't hear anything or read something new in her blog. I'm a little bit worried. The last thing I know, her mom is very sick. I had tried to reach her by mail a week ago, but still haven't got any answer. Maybe you know her phone.. Sorry if I bothered you. Thanks.

Maybe we could be blogging friend too. Your blog is nice :)

Thimbleina said...

Lovely template, I might have to add this on my New Year's to do list

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

great idea, can't wait to hear more! Happy new year..

Crafternoon said...

This is such a fantastic idea! I got a book like this from my husband's aunt and it is something I will treasure always. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous design!

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