Monday, January 5, 2009

Eating, drinking and walking in word clouds

Today in the midst of florescent lights and gray cubicles, I am enjoying the memory from yesterday morning, sitting in my jammies, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sunshine. I tried to read a magazine while little people were ‘singing’ [insert YELLING].

So I hope you enjoy this post of random happiness:

This gem of a website was forwarded on to me by a collegue, I think it’s terribly addicting. Check Wordle out for yourself. Make word clouds for fun or to see what words you use most on your blog or website.

For a while I was saying lovely every third word. Since my first experience with Wordle, I’ve kept that to a dull roar. I think little is the next word for which I find a replacement!


Family Cookbook Update: It went so well. We all sat down to write recipes, draw, giggle and even throw in a water coloring lesson with my Mother. Who by the way needs no lessons... She is a delightful watercolorist. I don’t think I taught her anything. I did get a lovely little painting after the lesson and she took my chicken scratch.


I made Pomegranate Sangria, recipe thanks to my lovely friend Aimee from Far from New Orleans. It was so good. I made a loose interpretation, I used sparkling Pomegranate juice and a generous amount of Clementine oranges and lots of blackberries. I think I drank most of it myself.


On the breakfast table: This New Years day we ate Miss Mary Pancake with three different toppings. Apple-Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Topping, Blackberry-Apple Syrup and I put my own spin and spices in the Pear Cardamom Butter, from The Traveler’s Lunchbox.



henny said...

hmm...the juice looks great. Where's the pics of the pancake...:)

Channon said...

Wordle. I shall bookmark that and Wordle myself silly.

Thimbleina said...

The pomegranite sangria sounds good to me!

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