Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My family is here to visit all the way from California. Sisters, parents, friends, Grandma-- the whole gang. They traveled all of the 26th to make it to a foggy and very cold corner of Iowa.

There has been lots of coffee, hot chocolate, shuffling of dishes, people, chairs, toys and children. We've had time for dramatic play (Auntie Jayme is a Dragon, Aunt Megan is a pet Kitty and so on...), baking cookies with purple frosting no less and blustery day walks ending at the bakery.

Our Christmas day was lovely and relaxing. Opening our stockings with a trip out to our friends farm for some snow play and lots of food. We are spoiled.

December 27th was our second Christmas day. Stockings, presents, family from far away, monkey bread, egg scramble— turkey sausage and onions...yum! Lots of special well-thought-out gifts.

My mom is amazing and even organized my studio space which has been aching for a little organization. I haven’t touched it since the move to the basement. It was overwhelming and I always have this lurking feeling I should be upstairs cleaning instead of downstairs cleaning my own things. Well, thanks to my lovely and much more organized mother, I have a fully functioning studio again. I did push things out of the way to use the gocco screen printer, and a few other things got moved to wrap and sew gifts. That’s about it loveys. I think there will be much more crafting going forward.

Speaking of crafting... Ahem, we went to Susan’s Yarn Garden in Sioux City, IA. I did a little interview and photo essay for all of you that are in Sioux City or are planning a visit to our fair state. Be on the look out. She gave me a few patterns too!

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