Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yay for Holidays!

We had a productive but lazy day. Puttered all day long, but got a lot of projects accomplished. Izzo helped me mop. She wanted the ‘floppy mop,’ filled it up with water, and proceeded to soak the kitchen floor. I followed with the spongy mop and soaked up most of the water. It was really fun. I took triple the time it would have taken by myself, but we spent a lot of one-on-one time together. She also helped me wash all the cupboards and oven. Everything from 2 feet down is washed in the kitchen. In honor of floor care, check out this crash course from Martha.

Truman started saying (yelling) HELLL-LLOOO! It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

While Isabel and I were mopping Eric put together our new grill. And it’s a propane grill! We’ve had charcoal for all of our married life. I agree that hardwood lump charcoal does have a better flavor but what if I just want chicken made??? Needless to say my voice was heard during the grill getting experience (the sale tag helped too)! The turkey burgers tasted just fine, thank you.

I tackled our neighbor’s rhubarb patch yesterday. Out of two plants we have four bags of rhubarb for freezing. She spent half of her summer in India so—with permission-- I made sure the Rhubarb didn’t succumb to the first frost. She’s grateful it’s done and I’m grateful for a fuller freezer. This also ensures in January, I could make these delicious looking hand-pies from angrychicken and dream of warm summer days.

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