Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adventures in Pumpkin Land

Life has been so busy, but so good, refreshing.

My parents came to visit from California for a long weekend. There was much laughter, coffee and dessert, playing, book-reading, walk-taking, cake-baking. O yeah, and the short drive to the hospital that interrupted our morning at Pumpkin Land.

The morning started out just wonderful, if not a bit chilly at the Farmer's Market. The gang was all there; Tammy rode along with Grandmommy and Papa, Eric came with the Kiddo's. Aimee and Christian came to visit, so did Wendy, Lance and sweet Olivia. Izzo went to play at their house to warm up and wait until we all loaded up for Pumpkin Land.

Once there we took lots of nice photos and were busy picking out pumpkins. Isabel fell out of a wheel barrow—sparing details—had a big goose egg. She is just fine, I just needed someone in a white coat to tell me she would be okay.

We went back after lunch at the Blue Mountain Lodge and naptime. She had to see the animals and pick out the pumpkins we left from earlier in the day.

So many fun photos were taken this weekend, not near enough of Grandmommy and Papa.

Truman loved the pumpkins, Izzo loved the kitties.

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