Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cave and other ramblings...

My beautiful friend, Wendy, made this cave for her daughter. Part tent, part table and so super cute!

Isn't it amazing what some printed fabric, a few curtain rods and some imagination can come up with!?

A few housekeepings…

First off, thanks to my husband and our new schedule, Clutter Rehab is going well. Our room is laundry free for the first time in 6 months—and it is not hidden in all sorts of places. The drawers are cleaned out, the dresser’s flat surfaces are cleared too… I felt like we were staying a little retreat.

Now, I’m looking for ideas for corralling the toys and books.

1 comment:

henny said...

I used to keep the kids toys and stuff in transparence plastic containers with the same size, so I can stack them up, minimize the place and clean. Easy to find too because it's transparence.

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