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My name is Mary McLeish Arteche. I'm am Wife, Mother, Marketing Director, Coffee Shop co-Owner.... But, I am a thinker, a reader, a goal setter, a lover of the beautiful things in life. I'm learning everyday how to be more myself.

Our Sweet Family

We live in the textured-prairie-land of Iowa, but Eric and I grew up in the concrete jungle. We see the world as our Adventure. And we try to foster a sense of wonder in ourselves, so our kids eyes can sparkle with the knowledge that their parent LOVE and are ENTHUSED about life.

Eric works in sales and he's very good at his job. But, he bakes for his vocation. He is always taking us on Adventures, planning our future and keeping us laughing. He loves us so well. He enjoys sleeping in a tent. He revels in creating, eating and sharing a fabulous meal with friends. He practices hospitality with his whole heart.

Isabel loves to dance and sing. She is compassionate and intuitive. Her heart is as big as the sky. She's into Harry Potter, wearing a wizards robe to dinner and into making tiny furniture with recycled material. Her laugh and love of life is unparalleled.

Truman loves his cub-scout troop and that his Daddy is the one of the leaders. He loves hiking, camping, fishing and Legos. He's a deep feeler and a deep thinker. He loves fiercely, lives open-hearted and with wild abandon. We love his quick wit, his intelligent jokes that bring a sparkle to his eye.

Thank you for joining us on this Adventure. We look forward to sharing our story with you as you share you lives with us. 

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