Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite photos of 2014

I am planning on going through all of my photos this year and getting some printed and turned into books. With all of the photos that I've taken, I have almost none up at my house. And there are so many that I love, I should have started this years ago. But, there is no time like the present-- I guess this is my traditional new years resolution. Print more photos. So here are a few of them that made me laugh or gave me warm fuzzies while I was going through them!

Lamby has shown up in almost all of our photos!

These two have grown up since the first time we were all toghether. 

And these two who have such a sweet friendship!

These cub scouts and their crazy antics!

A frozen lake with our beloved Bon-bon.
Exploring creativity from new angles.

Winter hikes on warmer days!

Summer road trips!

Lamby in a Yoda costume!

The weekend before we opened the coffee shop

Quiet mornings. 

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