Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prep Kitchen: Veggies and their Secrets

I was sitting in Kerry Young's kitchen when her husband, Neal, started prepping the Veggie Box. A simple + brilliant idea. We have single serving sized things in the fridge, but I never thought of easily accessible cut and washed veggies. Amazing, I am always learning from these two.

I've adopted the Veggie Box idea into our own weekend prep. And the carrots, celery, peppers or even shelled edemame are there and for snacking. I quickly rinse carrots before chopping or serving to bring back some luster and just-cut freshness. Or, I take a few seconds to dice them before plopping on salad greens.

Which brings me to salad greens. 

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to prep salads for a week, like I'd seen others do. The veggies got gross and slimey.

But I've been keeping iceberg lettuce heads fresh in a plastic bag with a paper towel or a microfiber washcloth for some years now (Thanks Grandma Eunice).

I thought maybe we could transfer that idea to chopped romaine. I chopped three heads of romaine lettuce and used a Tupperware container without the lid. I laid a microfiber towel directly on the chopped lettuce and then secured cling wrap with a rubber-band.

We were salad ready everyday this week. And even though, my beloved husband said, "we will never eat three heads of lettuce." We did. And it was glorious. The leaves are just a bit drier, but we make a vinaigrette most days so we didn't notice much. If you like super crunchy lettuce with your ranch dressing. Might want to cut up the iceberg. It looks silly, but it really works.

Do you have any kitchen prep ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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Sally Kelly said...

I have given up on lettuce staying fresh in the fridge. We have almost completely switched to spinach for salads, as it seems to stay fresh longer. Typically, I fold up a paper towel, and add it to the bag/box of spinach to absorb moisture. I think so much of "what works" depends on the individual refrigerator, don't you?

Mary A said...

I think it might depend, but I was really encouraged by this. I would like to try it with spinach next because that typically gets slimy for me. So it must depend on fridges! Thanks for stopping by!

Anke said...

Great idea having veggies cut up and ready for snacking! We do the same with fruit, cut up, mixed and drizzled with lemon juice it never lasts long. :-)

Mary A said...

Anke, I've just started doing that with homemade custard and applesauce-- portioning it in small cups. Fruit would be awesome too!

eeoc said...

Love the idea of storing veggies all ready to munch or put into salads.

Marcela : Naturally Fun Days said...

As a lot of us, I love the idea of having snack-ready veggies. I'm going to give it a try now. Thanks for sharing.

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