Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Faces + Word Girl

At our weekly taco date, these two guys couldn't stop moving long enough for me to get a clear picture. But they had so much fun. And I love that I captured some of Truman's most classic faces (pay close attention to his bangs, he may have taken a little snip out of the front with his safety scissors)!

Truman was watching a TV edited version of Courage Under Fire on the screen behind my head. After a few minutes-- between bites he said thoughtfully, "I wish Word Girl would show up, then the movie could be over. And all the bad guys would be gone." I love how he thinks! If only all bad in the world could be vanquished by a cheery little lady in a red suit with a cape, a monkey sidekick and a great vocabulary. I'd be up for a life like that!

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