Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Crafting a Home

If you were at our house last evening you would have seen: bed mattresses moving out, playroom dumped from the last play-date, laundry put away in drawers, vacuuming quick before a game of Candyland, flurry of homework, smoothies making, kitchen cleaning, door bell ringing, kids singing, bikes still out front and then oops it rained. There were books to read, plants to water, fish to feed, dog to walk... chatting, hugging, good-night kissing.

All the activity balloons into a disappearing mushroom cloud, over as quick as it started. We tuck little angry bird + lamby jammied warm and soft bodies into bed.

And I am grateful, for these days of wonder. And these quotidian moments. Where crafting home means nothing more than creating a space for the wonderment to begin and end each day.

It's in the small moments of our lived days where the wondrous possibility abounds.

What do your evenings look like?


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