Sunday, February 3, 2013


This weekend was so beautiful.

Early on Saturday morning, I heard Eric wake up with the dogs. Help the kids find something to do and then he started a gourmet breakfast and did dishes. I can't help but love him so much.

A few of our favorite friends stopped by for lattes, homemade biscuits and pear sauce. Then walked we all down the alley and found more friends upstairs at the Old Factory Coffee Shop. Conversations, laughter and the best coffee in Iowa.

In the evening, after bible study and prayer group-- we played Four on the Couch. Best. Game. Ever. I haven't laughed that hard in years.

Eric made our old gas grill into a charcoal smoker. He used some dry applewood boughs to cold smoke a pork butt. Then he slow roasted it overnight. We had the most delicious pulled pork for our potluck at church today and the super bowl party attended.

Now I'm sitting knitting a simple scarf for Truman (blue please! soft! not fancy!). Bulky yarn on large needles means it's going fast!

I'm thinking about next week, menu planning and declaring a family week. All of our evenings focusing on each other. Good food, good sleep, lots of reading, playing together and getting outside.

How was your weekend? What does your week look like?

I'm joining the habit of being for weekending and Kerry for I love.
And Gratitude Sunday.

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