Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I love... Knitting and Reading

I finally finished these simple mittens (made with Coffee Beenz yarn in Black from Athena's Fibers). And they were simple. I was a bit afraid of them-- the thumb gore, exact replica, measurements!

But anxiety aside, once I got started I realized these mittens were the perfect project for me-- pushing me outside of my knitting comfort zone while being quick and with an easy-to-follow pattern. If you want to try something new, this pattern could be for you!

I started a simple scarf for Truman. After knitting most of the skein, I figured I'm not going to have enough yarn! So I ripped it out last night and I'm making it much thinner. We'll see if that will get me some more length. I'm going to take the time to brush up on my stitches while making this simple project.

We've also been reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe together. They are fascinated by it. And I have to admit that I am too, I remember these books holding my attention and infusing me with so much magic as a child. But they haven't lost that magic at all-- it's wonderful to see them again through my children's eyes.

What are you knitting? Reading?

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Oregon-Mama said...

I'm a link! Mary, you are too gracious and kind; thank you! I loved the link to Sweet Wood's post on marriage and parenting - so good! And your mittens are adorable! The yellow flower details are precious ~ great job!

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