Monday, January 7, 2013

Out of Chaos A Sanctuary

When we got home tonight, let's just say things were a bit off kilter.

We left work later than usual. Eric had to rush to a chiropractor appointment.

Truman was in a funky mood. Isabel was in a weepy mood.

I was in a just fine mood until I got cried at and hollered at. And the dog got mud on my favorite dress.

The chicken didn't thaw for dinner.

Then, the kitchen table broke, again. Which is not the table's fault. It's so beloved. And it's been so loved for so long. Sometimes the screws fall out of the particle board. Then we find a new spot and screw the legs of the table back in. And it's good as new, waiting to be loved again.

Then the dog bellered while she was in her kennel for breaking the table.

Then when she was out, she nipped at a shoeless foot and got put back in.

And finally we were sitting around the table eating dinner. Breathing together, telling each other about our days. We embraced the good parts and embraced some heart breaking parts. And then we gave kisses and smiles. The world is righted around a beloved table with beloved people.

Ohhh, this was better.

Izzo and I took a quick walk to the library. Hand in hand, heart in heart.

We came home to the boys on the big bed, starting reading time.

We took over the little couch in our room and had our own reading time. Isabel read to me out loud, I read along side her and then when we were ready, they padded off to bed warm and safe.

This night needed to be pushed through. Warm nourishing food, a quiet walk, some quiet books, star gazing and hundred year old quilts. As if the things we know can pull us back deeply into our rhythm, into the beating heart of our beautiful little home.

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