Monday, September 3, 2012

weekending: Camping Calm

I am sitting in the woods and it is hot! Roaring fire is before me and our tent is behind-- I'm listening to our little people talk to each other in hushed tones, they think we can't hear them whisper! My feet are dirty and I'm sweating but my heart is calm.

For me the smell of campfire, pine trees and the sound of a singing whippoorwill send me straight to my happy place. Cicadas singing in the trees and drops of rain on tent nylon in the cool night air are the sweetest lullabies.

Do you have a place where no matter what goes on year heart calms instantly?


Blogging by hand: I'm trying something new, I'm writing my new blog posts in my journal first and then posting them here at a bit later time. I feel like I can collect my thoughts better. You should try it!


Joining Amanda.

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