Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Learning Lessons

And during this season, I've admitted that I am not super-woman. I cannot have a corporate job, keep a clean house, train for a half marathon, have happy children and a happy husband while making wholesome meals, gardening, canning, knitting, reading, blogging. Something had to go.

Namely, my pride.

And I had to ask for help and accept help. In the last month sweet friends made meals, brought meals, folded laundry, done dishes and had the kids over to play. That utter support leaves me speechless. And I feel determined to learn better how to say yes when people offer to help.

I am also determined to teach the kids how to be a big help too.

No man is an Island. And no mom can keep her home tidy by herself. One of the many changes around our house concerns who cleans up. I sat the kids down and I explained that this house is not just Mommy's House, it's OUR HOUSE. And they will help me and take responsibility for our house.

So we've set up teams. This week, Truman and I on the blue team and Isabel and Eric on the Gold Team. Simple tasks. Make sure your responsibilities are tidy and we alternate.

The only reward is getting to make an x in your spot. I don't want to bribe them instead of teaching them true responsibility.

Nor do I want to teach them to trash the house, then I'll pick it up! If they make a mess, they'll be responsible. I'm already hearing them say to each other. "I don't think you should dump that, this room is my room today!"

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