Monday, April 16, 2012


Dinner with friends
Putting the kids to bed in another house (win!)
Early morning wake up call (Truman, as always)
Breakfast, coffee and mate
Painting and dreaming
Making banana pops
Family Walk
Spending the day with Bon-Bon and John-John
Impromtu date with Eric (more coffee!)
Chicken Tacos
Sewing and mending
Sunday Lunch
Quiet time
Cleaning and organizing
Sprouting Rice
Cooking Pintos

Playing in the rain
Taize Service (I went by myself! Silence!)
Jammies and book reading
Folding laundry, putting away laundry
Making muffins for breakfast
Sneak a applesauce muffin and a cup of tea
Listening to a book

Phew! What a weekend!

How was yours?

Joining the habit of being

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