Saturday, April 7, 2012

Asking questions.

Sometimes I forget that if you ask a question. You get a really good answer.

Like, when I asked a painter friend of mine (whose children are now grown), "How did you keep creative when your children were small?" She answered, something so surprising. She said, "I think, perhaps, that I was more dedicated. I was working on small textiles and I would take five minutes to sit down, glue a piece and then move on."

And later she said, "Or I'd sketch in the car. Since the scenery was always moving, I'd take a few moments to view it, draw it. You have to work quickly that way and it keeps your eye engaged, in shape."

Something for me to take away for today.

And how do you stay creative with little time? I'd love to hear how you keep your creative eye, engaged? In shape?

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