Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Being Diligent

This year for lent, I decided to give a few things up. And like I have for the last few years, I am trying to refocus and hone in priorities. This year my mantra is Be Diligent.

Whether that is at home, with my husband, at work, with friends... and the list goes on.

Be Diligent. Do well.

And lately, even when I make the smallest decision, I've added Be Diligent to the end of my thoughts and they magically transform into asking the question, is this best?

Does diligence mean I'll leave my clothes on the bathroom floor? Or do I move them to the laundry room? Does diligence sleep in instead of getting in some quiet reading alone? Does diligence mean that I'll make a choice that feels more inline with our family values than the easier option?

The question has come up so often, sometimes I have to choose what to be diligent towards and there in lies my priorities. So after writing my own mission statement of sorts, I'm now moving forward to see what that looks like.

I have taken small steps since then. I've made big changes in a few areas of my life. And they all point me towards being diligent to my priorities.

Then I thought, this is going to be tough. Perhaps we as a community could do it together? 

Will you join me? Let's be diligent and see what things may come. Every Thursday let's link up together and see where this life of diligence is taking us. You can choose things that you personally feel you need to be more diligent at or you can take a whole life approach too. Whatever feels best to you!

I've made a little button you can grab for your own posts/blog. Email me so I have a list of those who join and I'll put you in my side bar-- theyellowdoorpaperie {at} gmail {dot} com. And you don't have to have a blog to join. I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you feel so lead. We can be stronger together!

The Yellow Door Paperie

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