Friday, February 24, 2012

40 Days of Diligence: Resources

We got nine inches of snow yesterday. Nine. Needless to say I finally got to use my Christmas-given snowshoes. So awesome!

I was crunching along from my work the 1.4 miles gave me a little time to think and process my day. Earlier in the afternoon I had been traveling down a set of stairs in the knee deep snow and I took a hard fall. But here I was hours later in waist deep snow in some places gliding above it. The only difference was the equipment. I was fully equipt-- the regular coat, hat, gloves, boots. But added to that snow pants, head lamp, face mask, snowshoes. With all the proper equiptment I was warm and I could journey on towards home with ease.

And that got me thinking about Lent. It waas so much easier to journey thorugh nearly impassable snow with the right fittings. Shouldn't I be practicing diligence with some resources too? With some encouragement from Henri Nowen, Richard Rohr and Ann Voskamp, among others.

Just like we wouldn't venture into deep snow with out equiptment. Or into freezing temperatures without warm clothing. Let's not go into lent without a guide book.

 Ann Voskamp from A Holy Experience has an Easter Devotional download. 

Praying Lent with Creighton University

Wondrous Encounters: Scripture for Lent by Richard Rohr

Show Me the Way: Daily Lenten Readings by Henri Nowen

The Yellow Door Paperie

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