Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Much Ado About a Haircut...

Isabel is learning how to do everything by herself. Including washing her own hair.

Which is fine. This is a good thing.


She has baby fine, look-at-it-and-it-tangles hair. And we have daily struggles with brushing tangled hair.

Well, one night last week-- she took a bath and so vigerously scrubbed her hair-- a whole crop of little knots came up in the back. After fifteen minutes of tears and tangles.

I said enough is enough!

And I cut her hair. Here she is a mere 10 minutes later all smiley for a photoshoot.


At least she's happy. And I'm happy she doesn't scream every morning while brushing her hair.

I guess now she can wash her own hair and brush it too!

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