Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peeking out from the fog...

As we drove Daddy to work this morning, there was fog all around us. Like a big cold, wet wool blanket-- and no visiblity except these dots of light peeking through.

And that is what I've felt like the last few weeks. Like there's hope of illness-free children, but it a small inadequate light drowned somewhere inside a tangled, wet, heavy, grey army blanket.

Ok, so maybe it's not so bad, but we've had ear infections, an un-named virus, the stomach flu--twice--, and most recently, strep. Five unexpected visits to the clinic and ER in five weeks.

So, I'm waving my white flag...

And I'll hold on to that little bit of hope + knock on my particle-board desk + send up a little  prayer. Along with daily vitamins, rest, chicken soup for our sleep-deprived souls.

And perhaps, in a few days I can tentatively, carefully announce: We're healthy.

1 comment:

Elder Family said...

Here's hoping for healthy holidays! Oh and did you throw a little salt over your left shoulder...isn't that a 'good luck' thing?

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