Monday, December 19, 2011

I think...

(shhhhh... don't say this tooo loud) I think we're healthy. And I know that we are in need of a holiday.
I'm so glad that one is on the horizon. And since we won't be traveling this year (sad but true), we're going to do a few things together.

The kids want to make cookies, build a snow man (will we have snow?!?) and I want to go on a hike. Truman always puts on his very best for walks and hikes. I should find myself a walking cape and some hiking goggles. Or a tutu (see below).

What will you be up to for the holidays? More importantly, do you have a walking/hiking costume?

1 comment:

Elder Family said...

Lots of warm layers! Great pics and I am happy that everyone is on the mend. I am wondering if we will see a white Christmas though....

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