Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarn Along


As promised, I'm am knitting again. I made a pair of baby booties, but they turned out spherical once sewn together, so unless these little babies have feet shaped like a cabbage patch kid, I think I'll just give them to Isabel's cabbage patch... 
But! Last night I did finish this cowl-- it's so warm and cozy. The wool is just from the big blue box store and the buttons belonged to some coat at one time. I snapped this photo to send to Kerry, but I guess I can share it with you too!


Now, on to books. Last week, I finished The House on Mango Street, My Life in France and Fly Away Home (audio). This week, I've got Children the Challenge and Operating Instructions in queue. 

My favorite from last week was My Life in France. Julia Child has this amazing way of making her extrordinary life seem attainable, building it with one footstep in the right direction after another. She was passionate about food, so she sought out cooking, when she was realized her potential in cooking she sought to be the best and impart her passion. One little step after the other. 

She makes me believe that we too can accomplish great things, one tiny step at a time. Plus, this book is all about food and wine. Really, who doesn't love reading about food and wine...?!?

What are you reading? Knitting? 

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1 comment:

Maegan Beishline said...

I so admire your ambitious reading! Those sounds like wonderful books! And the cowl looks fantastic!

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