Monday, October 17, 2011


Today: The air has changed, there is the crispness in the morning that soared in with the falling leaves and the changing light.
We spent our weekend recuperating from a blistering week and we've so far met the day refreshed. A pot of tea, crepes in the sizzling in the pan.
Two round cheeked babes, still fuzzy from sleep are sitting at the table.

This weekend: 
Friday: Dinner with my best. Lattes + Watercolors.

Saturday: Early morning walk. Four littles, more water colors, paper and crayons. Soup and English muffins. Lamenting green tomatoes, but making green tomato sauce anyway. Menu planning and budgeting-- three meals a day all week long. Pizza and a movie night.

Sunday: Breakfast together. Church together. Lunch together. Friends together. An amazing dose of togetherness, just what my heart ordered.

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda.

*The green tomatoes were mealy and bland, so I charged forward with sauce. 


amanda {the habit of being} said...

oh yes, the meal planning for three meals a day seven days a week can get old. so can the fixing of and cleaning up after said meals ;-)

sounds like you had a good healthy dose of togetherness - so good!

Tracey said...

I have never had/made green tomato sauce before, but come next summer I will...thanks for the idea.xx

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