Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Resolve

I'm wondering why everything in my life begins with a good house scrubbing. But, it does.

I think I put my excuses to bed here yesterday and I went home thinking. I can do this. So I did. I threw open the windows and doors. I tied on my Grandma's apron. And I set about to cook dinner, do laundry, vacuum and dust. Scrub and wash.

We had a peaceful, simple family meal. And Isabel says, in her impromptu like fashion, "Let's do our 'Mostly I love about yous." which means we say what we love about each individual person in the house--  Lucy-dog included. And we had extra time to read library books and snuggle before bed.

I finished up all my tasks, post-bed time. 

And as the dishwasher hummed--  I sat down at the end of the night, listening to music across the kitchen table from Eric, I penned a few letters while he paid bills. A tiny date in the midst of the week.

I'm content. I just needed to realign myself, my home, my priorities.

I can't think of a better evening. Scrubbed house, gleaming heart? I think so.

*This is a little painting I made for a friend, remind me to tell you about my project!

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